I know…I know……

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged…… again….no excuses or explanations…..I’m just going to get back to it….

I went for a run today after work..got 6.72k in…..didn’t feel too bad. Too many walk breaks for my liking but considering where my mileage has been lately , I don’t consider it a major issue. My plantar fasciatis didn’t bother me too much while I ran but it sure as hell bothered me once I sat down at home.

Typing this with my foot on ice and will do the massage and ball roller on it later. It is a pain in the ass kind of injury. Rest is the best cure but seeing that I work in retail and walk a whole lot on concrete floors every day …the rest thing will not be happening too soon. So I just ice and do what everelse I need to manage the pain. New orthotics just got picked up and I will see if that makes a difference.

I have a race April 13th, a ten miler…..not sure how I will be but to be honest just finishing will make me happy.

On the road again……

Yippee……hit the trail with my run group girlies tonight. A great night to run….a few icy patches and a few lights out on the trail that made things a bit dicey…….a few puddles which made for wet toes…..but felt great. We ran for around 45 minutes which got the muscles warmed up for sure. I’m going to to a yoga class tomorrow night which will be good for the DOMS I know I will be feeling from the working out the last few days. :)

The treadmill it is then…….

Yes , it’s winter……yes it gets cold……no I will not run when it is -23 degrees Celsius out…that is way too f@#king cold……not complaining….that’s the way it is. So glad that I bought a treadmill this summer. A friend of mine had a garage sale and I picked it up for $60.00. Sweet…..it’s not state of the art but it runs and runs pretty good. I’ve used it twice this week for about a half hour each time. Getting the cob webs out of the legs.
I also started the T25 workout today. It is done by that Shaun T who does the Insanity workout as well. It is only a 25 minute workout but man is it tough. Non stop for the 25 minutes but what a good workout. We will see how sore I am tomorrow for day 2……..

Off the couch!!!

It’s been a while. I haven’t run or done any real exercise for over 6 weeks and boy could I feel it. Biggest slump I’ve been in for a couple of years and to be honest no real reason for it other than a complete mental lack of interest. I hit my high in October running my half and 10 miler back to back and that was incredible. I was only planning to take a couple of weeks off to rest and recharge but life got the better of me and I’ve been a slug since then.

But, today is a new year and I’m getting back to it. I got some cool run gear for Christmas and I need to be using them. A few of them are LED safety things for night running (I will show pics when I get out using them) and the other cool thing was this running shrug that I need a bit warmer weather for.
Today though I went out….. it was -13 and boy did I feel it. Managed only a slow 2.25k but you’ve got to start somewhere right???

So what kind of run gear did you get from Santa??

Two timer………………

Well………just over 12 weeks ago I started my second half marathon training. Sunday morning I stood at the start line of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfron “half” Marathon and realized…..I was ready.
I placed myself near the front of my corral knowing full well I was far ahead of the pace bunnies I expected to be finished with. I ditched a sweatshirt and sweatpants just before the start and about a kilometre in I had thrown away the mittens I had on. The temperature was about 6 degrees Celsius and it didn’t take long to be warm. Even though for most of my training I did 10 and 1 intervals. I decided that I would go out strong and try to make it at least 5k with no walking. I kept to the plan and around 6k took my first walk break. I felt so much better this year. I realize knowing the course for me make a huge difference. What I loved about running this race is that there is never a time you don’t have people running with and around you. ( there were over 13 000 people running the half and full marathon ) plus all along the route there are cheering sections and spectators shouting playing music , shouting your name. ( the bibs are personalized)
My big setback last year was my bladder, I had to stop around the 10k mark and lost 10 minutes on my time last year and I was determined not to have that happen again. I drank less water when I woke up and made sure I made that last minute porta potty stop before the race started.
As the race progressed I knew I was going a decent pace and just wanted to limit my walk intervals. After the 16k mark I could feel that I was tiring and could tell I was slowing considerably. My ipod came through and played a couple of songs that got my butt going and next thing you know I was rounding the Lakeshore Blvd and heading up Bay Street for the last kilometre. I could feel myself smiling, tearing up and saying in my head that I was strong and all my hard work was paying off. As I approached the finish I raised my arms and crossed that line with the biggest smile. I had done it…..again…….2:37………….I was a half marathoner!!!! Oh did I mention that I was 8 minutes faster that last year…….Freaking YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after colour bombing

Scotia bib and medal
And another thought came to mind whiler I was running…….it was all me out there and through the tough k’s, I did it….
No matter how many running buddies I have (I love you all) in the end you’re on your own out there. Deep down it is one of the toughest mental challenges I have ever been through. Even though it was all me I did have those voices in my head with all those encouraging words and thoughts that came when I needed them

A couple of years ago I never thought I could run 10k and now I’m a 2 time half marathoner. Proof that if you set your mind to it……it can be done.

Post race, I felt pretty good too. Legs were tight of course. Monday and Tuesday I only felt a bit of tightness in my quads which has been great since now I am prepping for a 16k run this coming Sunday……………
What have I gotten myself into……more to follow
Cheers :)


wow…………that was kind of my feeling yesterday after I had finished my long run……..19 friggin k!!! Yippeee!!!! I decided on Thursday that I would move my long run from Sunday to Saturday because the weather forecast was heavy rain Sunday morning. I was up at 5, had my coffee and a bowl of oatmeal. BTW I am not a fan of oatmeal but since I am staying at a hotel the night before my race I can’t make my usual cream of wheat for breakfast and need something easy to microwave. I wanted to see how my tummy would handle it too.
I left the house at 7 and off I went south on the Tom Taylor Trail. I felt pretty good the whole run with bits of time I was slower and faster than others and kept my head in the run. I got in a Nuun and some Honey Stinger chews along the run. I finished with that realization that 19k is a crazy long distance to run…..but all was good…..oh and now I had to shower and go to work.
All through my training my longest long runs have fallen on my work weekends. I was feeling pretty tight when I got to work and knew sitting was not going to be a good thing, I needed to keep moving. Being a busy Saturday at Home Depot this wasn’t difficult by I could definitely feel tender and tight especially my left calf and my right glute. When it came to my dinner time I grabbed a bite and sat in my car……..then I had to get up to go back to work…that was not cool. My hip felt like it locked up and it took some time to loosen up.
I am still a bit sore this morning and I’ve put some ice on my hip.
2 weeks from now I will be running the streets of Toronto for my half……the butterflies are starting…………….. :)

3 weeks to go……

3 weeks till the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Today was scheduled as a 13k run but since I missed my 16k last week due to my race I thought I would extend my run today. Left the house around 9am , it was a beautiful morning. Close to 20 degrees and sunny….a perfect day to run. Run was good, usual sluggy first 4k then I started to feel a bit stronger. When I got to the 11k mark I was feeling pretty tired. I turned back early and finished off just under 15k in 2 hours. Happy with my effort and now the peak is about to hit. Next weeks long run is 19k which the longest I will run before my half.
My quads were a bit sore today probably from the exercise class I did yesterday. I went to Simplicity Yoga in Keswick and tried out the sculpted class. It was much like the bootcamps I have done. The funniest part was me on the pilates ball. I’m not real strong in the balance dept and kept rolling off in the plank on the ball and a couple of the moves I couldn’t do at all. Tried not to laugh to much….it was a hard core class and I was dripping sweat through some of it. I signed up for a trial month at this studio just to see what they were like. So far I love it. I did a pilates class and sculpted and now I’m looking forward to a yoga class this week. I’m in the home stretch now…….